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I just read three picture books online at We Give Books, and so three books were donated to Room to Read, a non-profit providing books to children in Zambia.
We Give Books donates a book for every book read! There are thousands of books to choose from. You choose a campaign to support, sign up with only your email or facebook (seriously, two seconds!) and get reading! You can even "bookmark" if you don't finish a book in one sitting. When the campaign you are supporting has reached its goal, you choose another campaign.

So far, I've read:

It's fun and the format is easy to read in and navigate around. You can search for a particular book or click on a keyword or a category to get suggestions. I'm using We Give Books at home, but schools (including homeschools) are supporting and benefiting from it, too. If I sound gushy, its because I'm SO excited to find a high-quality activity that supports children and literacy. Thanks, Jen of Chestnut Grove Academy, for telling me about it!

I hope you all take a look, spread the word, and enjoy it even half as much as I do.

Just curious, do you read online often?

P.S. We're carving our pumpkins tonight (finally!), and in case you didn't see it last week, we're using these free pumpkin stencils to support March of Dimes.

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