My Published Magazine Articles

I combined my love of children's literature and development with my passion for magazine writing as an intern for an international audience of over 300,000 at Friend magazine. These articles are aimed at 3-11 year-old readers. 

I can write for grown-ups, too--I've done one freelance interview with a non-profit.  

I broke these down into categories in case you're looking for something specific.

Stories based on interviews:

"Choose to Give: People Helping People" Latter-Day Woman, September 2010, 34.

"Scriptures and Firewood"
from an interview with Allan F. Packer of the Seventy; Friend, June 2010, 23.

"The Missing Box" from an interview with Elder Jorge F. Zeballos of the Seventy; Friend, May 2010, 21.

"My Favorite Song" from an interview with Elder Kevin W. Pearson of the Seventy; Friend, January 2010, 23.


"Meeting the Primary General President" Friend, March 2010, 6-7.

Activity Instructions and Interactive Articles:
"Tithing Maze" Friend, February 2010, 35.

"Secret Servers to the Rescue"
Friend, February 2010, 22.

"Detective Mya Heritage and the Adventures of a Happy Family"
by Megan Withers and Anna Culp; Friend, January 2010, 28-29.

"New Year's Lantern"
Friend, January 2010, 13.


"Are You a Good Communicator?" Friend, March 2010, 10.

"Cease from Anger" Friend, February 2010, 28.

"Choose the Right Words" Friend, January 2010, 9.

"A Bright Example" Making Friends feature: Isabel Hills of Goffstown, New Hampshire by Julie Wardell and Anna Culp; Friend, September 2009, 36-38.

"Helping and Building" Making Friends feature: Jared Simpson of Meredith, New Hampshire by Julie Wardell and Anna Culp; Friend, July 2009, 12-14.

(After opening the Friend articles in a new tab, click View: as .pdf to see how it is actually laid out in the magazine.)

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