Gosling Sighting and Thanksgiving Countdown

Celebrity news! 

I saw Gossie, the small, yellow gosling who likes to wear bright red boots! She trotted, cute as ever, in those boots on Halloween at her local library's activity stations--she and her friends met King Bear in a secret passage, fed wild animals a loofah snack, and had free reign of the puppet show theater.

Gossie handmade costume inspiration
I feel a little (a lot) behind sometimes (all the time), but somehow we have fun anyway. Did you realize there are only three weeks until the nationally scheduled day of lounging and over-eating!? I'd better get to the library to see if there are any Thanksgiving books left. I think I might skip the history and focus on the gratitude angle this year--what do you think? Any recommendations?
And I'm curious: do you have a polished silver or a plasticware kind of Thanksgiving table?

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