Springtime Traditions

Happy Spring! I thought it was fitting to kick off the official start of spring by hanging out some hope in the magic of nature--I made my second annual tree wish. I use only ribbons and things around my house, and write my wish on a scrap of paper. I try to make it appealing to birds, in the hopes that they'll steal the ribbon for their nests, which I'm sure would be extra good luck. This year, I hung it two-and-a-half-stories high in the tree by leaning over my stair well.
(Can you spot my escaped, barefoot toddler?)

My mom reminded me that this year is the centennial celebration of Washington D.C.'s cherry blossoms. I grew up near D.C., and both the cherry blossoms and dogwood blossoms bloomed divinely for weeks.
I'd love to add these books to my collection as a reminder of my fourteen years in Virginia.
Remarkable Trees of Virginia illustrated by Robert Llewellyn and written by Nancy R. Hugo
Eliza's Cherry Trees: Japan's Gift to America written by Andrea Zimmerman, illustrated by Ju Hong Chin

Don't you think a book collection can tell a version of a person's life? And isn't springtime a perfect time to both reminisce and look forward with hope?

P.S. Tell me if you make your own tree wish--I'd love to see!
P.P.S. my springtime book picks


  1. Fabulous idea, wish in the tree! I made mine. :)Happy spring!

  2. what a cute idea! That is one thing about living in Hawaii, there just aren't any seasons, days come and go and not much changes, it's sort of hard to even teach the seasons to my almost 3yo, since they are NON EXISTENT! lol Last year for spring though we had a craft playdate and they did cherry blossoms plants, just some bits of pink tissue paper glued to dried branches...it was really cute!


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