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Pardon my absence; I've been trying to organize my thoughts before I pack up for a move.

We've lived in this apartment for three years. We brought our baby home here. We watched her grow curious and talkative in this living room. She cut teeth in that bedroom. She sits back with a book in that nook. We greet the ducks in the pond in the spring, and worry about the fish in the pond all winter. 

I have been thinking of ways to ease the transition away from this living room and this bedroom and this pond to the three new homes we'll make in the coming year. I suspect the transition(s) will be much more difficult for me than for almost-two-year-old Baby A. 

Of course, there are books for that. I've been trying to keep Tsh Oxenreider's advice in Organized Simplicity in mind as I decide what I want waiting for me in storage during the upcoming summer sub-lease and fall internship. Picture books can guide me to comforting pictures and words to give Baby A and myself, and maybe my husband, too. 

Are you planning a move?
A New York Times article suggests two recently published picture books about reluctant movers.
And this squidoo article lists ten picture books about moving (giving a review of eight), so the angle you and I may be looking to take is sure to be illustrated in one of them.

It seems most picture books about moving are directed at bike-riding, best-friend-making six-to-nine-year-old children. Do you think that's the toughest age for moving, or just the easiest age period for which to articulate a picture book? 

I would guess teenagers would have the toughest time--do you think a teenager would secretly appreciate a picture book about moving (particularly one not featuring a little kid)?

image: cover of Half A World Away by Libby Gleeson, illustrated by Freya Blackwood

P.S. I'll be back in the swing of things here next week. Happy reading until then! Err...and after then, too. 

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