Warriors and Water

(4th of July 2010)
How was your Veteran's Day? I can't say we did anything other than remember for a moment those we know who served and are serving, but I suppose that is the point--to remember. For Day 6 of The Happy Day Project, I donated a few dollars to Wounded Warrior Project. It isn't much, but I felt like I was whispering, I remember you to those who sacrifice so much for others.

Yesterday was Day 5, but I spent the day offline (weird, I know) and so I completed  that today, too. I donated a few dollars to Charity: Water through Jessica's Christmas Campaign. Private donors fund operating costs, so that every penny donated by you and me buys cement for pipes, pays drillers, teaches hygiene, and more, to provide clean water in developing countries.

What are you reading this weekend? 
I'll be catching up in my Google Reader, perusing magazine gift guides for ideas of gifts to make, and letting Baby A pick book after book to read in my lap. That girl reads voraciously, and I love it!

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