Reading in the NICU or PICU

I am most excited about Day 4 of The Happy Day Project!
I haven't decided yet what book to give to which friend, but I'm hoping to squeeze in a perusal at the bookstore this evening.

Had you heard of The Joyful Life Library? I am so glad I learned about it! We sent Sandra Boynton's A to Z to Rady's Children Hospital in San Diego (selected because of our recent vacation). A to Z is one of the chosen on Baby A's read every day several times a day list, so I hope another child and parent enjoy it, too. 

As a mother and a lover of children's books, the story and cause hit me at my core. Spending just one day in level 1 (least intensive) NICU with Baby A gave me a tiny glimpse of parents who spend so much of their tiny baby's life in worry and wait. I don't pretend to know their feelings, but I hope to lighten their load even a little. And here's an interesting short article about how reading may help with bonding and coping during hospital stays.

P.S. Isn't today's printable just the cutest?

P.P.S. This project is blissing me out with gratitude! Two more weeks until Thanksgiving! Can you believe it?

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