Formula and Pecan Pie

Sophie Blackall illustration in Pecan Pie Baby by Jaqueline Woodson
I fed a newborn for one month on Day 3 of The Happy Day Project, thanks to Compassion's Christmas Catalog.
I didn't hesitate to support this non-profit, because I've heard so much before about Compassion International from Tsh at Simple Mom. I think I'll send my five-year-old niece something handmade for Christmas, and ask her if she'd like to pick something out for a child in need, like a playground or school supplies!
I've been blessed to feed my baby (breastmilk, formula, and now strawberries and oatmeal) every day of her life, and my mom-heart breaks to think that babies go hungry. I think Baby A would like to help babies--she tries to peek in every car seat carrier and stroller to see a baby, and many of her frequently read books feature babies.

We recently checked out Pecan Pie Baby by Jaqueline Woodson, illustrated by Sophie Blackall. I liked the idea of it--a reluctant big sister-to-be tires of hearing about the new baby coming, but her mama helps her feel loved. It centers on a hard but real part of growing a family, without unrealistic expectations, and with warmth. The text wasn't my favorite, but I would like to read other Jaqueline Woodson books anyway, because I have a hunch I'll end up a fan. 
The illustrations have the charm I expected from Sophie Blackall. She never over-complicates, but plants back story details in all of her pictures. Don't you think?

Now I'm craving pecan pie. We'll wait on the baby sibling, though.

What are your favorite books about babies? Any second (or third or sixth or grand) babies coming your way? And are you going to pick something out at compassion--a goat, perhaps?

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