Read It Again, Again, Again, Again

I stifle a moan with a sigh every time Baby A says "mama mama mama". She's not asking for me. She calls me Äiti

"Mama mama mama" means "Read Llama, Lllama Red Pajama for the fifteen thousandth time, please." I even tucked it behind some other books on the shelf, but that wouldn't fool my toddler. She's determined to learn by repetition, and what can I do but cheerfully oblige? (95% of the time.)  

Llama, Llama, Red Pajama (by Anna Dewdney) says llama llama mama llama lamalalalmaaaa too many times for me to muster a recommendation at this time, but this phase reminded of when I read the girl I nannied Where Is the Green Sheep? four hundred thousand times. Then, I hid it on a shelf too high for that 15-month sweetheart to see--until her mom found out. The book came down and I read it three hundred thousand more times. 

But now, four years later, I can say that I was quite happy to find the green sheep with Baby A today. I am somewhat sure that only Mem Fox and Judy Horacek could make a book that continues to endear on the seven hundred thousand and first reading.

And FYI: Day 2 of The Happy Day Project was easy-peasy: write a hand-written note to a friend, just 'cause. I wrote one to my little friend (the girl I nannied) to remind her that I never really tired of finding the green sheep with her. The note was sent off with a pile of postcards from my family trip to California... yep, better late than never! 
Are you spreading the happy?
Do you have any books memorized by repetition?

P.S. How cute is this Green Sheep cake?

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