Mums and Christmas

For Day 1 of The Happy Day Project, I decided to Shop for Sharlie. I have handmade Christmas gifts on the brain, so I decided to get the Mum Flower tutorial from The Pleated Poppy. Won't that make a sweet stocking stuffer?
I'll be visiting the shop again, for sure!

What do you think about Christmas starting in October? I started my lists and activity planning weeks ago, hoping that if I prepare now I can glide through December, sipping cocoa while admiring lit trees and mulling over the Bible. Or, do you think I will just be starting the bustle early and miss out on the last leaves to crunch under my boots?

I can't decide, so I'll just go back to thinking about mums. 
Remember Chrysanthemum? Of course you do, Kevin Henkes' books are enduring.

There are Lilys everywhere (Henkes also wrote Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse), but I still only know one Chrysanthemum. I'm glad she came around to her name! Do you ever find fictional characters appealing or relatable enough that you imagine their past or their future? Chrysanthemum went by Chrys in middle school (in my imagination), but don't worry, she's still proud of her whole name.

Are you having a scattered, but happy day like I am? Tell me your thoughts on early, early Christmas prep, flowers, and unusual names! Or, you can choose a focus, but I can't promise that I will!

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