Taking Candy from a Baby

Are you trick-or-treating this year? I have been debating whether a nearly one-and-a-half-year-old is too young to solicit gluttonous portions of candy from strangers. But then a friend of mine pointed out we could keep her candy for ourselves... I mean, she could have the lollipops. She's been eating lollipops for months, thanks to a friendly neighbor who carries them around in his pocket just in case. I wasn't going to give Baby A candy until she was two, but apparently I did not have the willpower to stop my well-intentioned neighbor from introducing the one thing other than a pacifier that will quiet a toddler forced to go along for one more errand

When do you think kids should get candy? And did you wait for a certain age to start trick-or-treating?

P.S. I'll be playing hooky in San Diego the rest of the week! Maybe I'll find a new picture book at Sea World. Let's catch up Monday, yes?

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