Skeleton Storytime

 What's Halloween without some spooky music? Did you learn "Ghost of John" and "Dry Bones" in fourth grade, like me? 



"The Ghost of John/Tom" is a round, remember? These songs work great as part of a storytime, maybe with this format.
I'd pair them with:
Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuydler and S.D. Schindler. A ghost helps a skeleton with hiccups.
You can't go wrong with Eric Rohmann! In Bone Dog, a boy helps his recently passed dog in the skeleton yard. Doesn't that sound oddly sweet?

Both of these books would be on theme for a skeletal Halloween, but they could lead the discussion in a different direction--like hiccups, grieving for a lost pet, or what the skeletons of other animals look like.

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