For Kibera and Harlem: Paperback Drive

I just heard about a really fun way to contribute to worldwide literacy, and rather than rehash, I'll just C&P:

LitWorld is spreading the power of story from Kenya to Harlem and we need your help sparking our LitSummer! We are calling out to our community to donate books and school supplies as we embark on summer projects to benefit young people across hemispheres, including our first ever Story Power Camp at the Polo Grounds in Harlem and our LitWeek initiative in Kibera, Kenya.

Visit and contribute to our LitSummer drive by June 30th!

Visiting brings you to an Amazon Wish List where you can pick what you'd like to contribute-- paperbacks, coloring/writing supplies. It's so easy! I'm debating between these three (I chose quickly  because I love ALL of the books on the list):

You know what else I heard? Finland has a 100% literacy rate. (That means every able citizen age 15 or older can read.) Amazing! I feel even more passionate about literacy worldwide when I think of the power of choice that comes with being able to soak up, analyze, and articulate information. If you're reading this, I hope you take a moment to feel grateful, give back if you can, and thanks for stopping by!

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