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Sorry, folks, it's been too long. Because I get ridiculously happy in the summertime what with all the vitamin D and ice cream everywhere, I tend to live outside. And I neglect, well, everything--except my family--they're outside, too. Today, I'll be on the hunt for children's books with a summer theme, so tell me your suggestions! 

A summer must-have:
Jamberry by Bruce Degen
Degen has an author's note explaining that this delightfully illustrated poem was inspired by his boyhood berry-picking summers. I love the jazzy rhythm and imaginative, action-packed pictures, but I also feel connected to the warmth of childhood summers and the sweet-tart berries and cream that rewarded an afternoon of picking. 

In Finland, forests have wild berries that are open to public picking, and my grandmother/aunts/uncles would take us when we visited every other summer. I like to think of my fingers and my grandmother's fingers stained deep purple from the blueberries. 

I've go to revise my summer list to include berry-picking with Baby A. She certainly understands the concept of picking things to put in her mouth.

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