Happy Father's Day!

I feel so blessed that I have an awesome dad, and I have had many good men influence my life. But this Father's Day especially, I've enjoyed thinking about what a sweet father my daughter has. I love that studly man. Her first word was "Dad" and her first sentence was "Hi, Dad!"

Literature often reflects the cultural idea that dads go to work, then come home and wrestle/teach sports/joke around. Those are good things, but I think that picture leaves out other really important things dads do: nurture, cuddle, comfort, encourage, discipline--parent. And this rising generation has dads wearing lots of different hats: work-from-home, stay-at-home, work-and-school-and-always-there-for-you, coach, shuttle, cheerleader, teacher, and lots more!

My daughter has a dad who can switch hats like nobody's business. But I think one of her favorite parts is when Dad laughs with her like he has all the time in the world to appreciate her scrunchy face. And one of my favorite parts is when he taught her to give butterfly kisses.

For Father's Day, Baby A gave him
Daddy Kisses, by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben (husband and wife, also wrote Mommy Hugs). Animals dads give their babies kisses, ending with the human dad and his baby. It reminds me of I Love You As Much, but it is a simpler style. It's perfect for getting in a quick and affectionate daddy-child story time.

Thanks, all you wonderful men who make the world better every day!

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