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Freedom Festival Baby Contest Flag Ceremony

Tell me how you really feel about baby contests.

I entered Baby A in the Freedom Festival Baby Contest for age category 13-16 months, girl.
There were promises of a goody bag, door prize drawings, activities, snacks, and parenting resources. I felt the need to explain this when I told people that's what we were doing on Saturday, so I had mixed feelings going in. Mostly, I thought, Why not? She's cute and we might get free stuff.

I got a little nervous a few days before, because I didn't have anything frilly/patriotic/fancy enough for her to wear, but I refused to buy her clothes for this purpose.

And on the day of the event, I remembered to pack nail polish, but I forgot to pack her sippy cup. 

I sized up the "competition", and felt pretty confident she was the cutest. 

She was placed on a table in front of a volunteer, who judged her (quote)
1. Physical Features
2. Personalities and Behavior
3. Unique Talents/Cute Traits
4. Reaction to Judges.

Baby A has always been too cool for Peek-a-Boo. She prefers Pat-a-Cake.

She took a minute to warm up and wasn't as smiley or animated as usual. When we walked away, Husband said, "That's why I don't like these things. Now you're disappointed in her!"
"I am not!"

And though I really didn't really expect her to "perform" and I wasn't disappointed in her, I could see his point.

We missed the animal show while we were waiting in line to be judged. We didn't win door prizes. The goody bag sucked. 

She didn't place, even though she is way cuter with a more fun personality than the babies who did place. 

See how I say mean things? I don't think I can enter her in any more baby contests, because they have a souring effect on me. I don't think I would head into Toddlers and Tiaras territory, but still...I shouldn't be given the opportunity to think my baby is better than your baby.

What's your view?

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  1. Okay so how many of those other precious babies speak 2 languages? In this country unfortunately, we are lucky if they can speak 1 language well. Alex has more personality than most children, let alone just her age. But I am glad you have gotten a bad taste because I wouldn't want to share her with a bunch of stupid judges and sniffle nose, ankle biting boogie eating monster kids! :) thats just my thought on it, :>}


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