Usborne Book Party

How to Have a Fun Usborne Book Party:
1. Invite fun people.
2. Spread books around the room for adults and kids to explore in delight.
3. Eat alphabet soup and cornbread (made from a can and a box for maximum efficiency).
4. Feed babies cantaloupe and the Market Pantry (Target) knock-off of Goldfish: Chickadees.
5. Discuss the merits and disgustingness of Everybody Poops.
6. Make a Wish List, so you can narrow down which books to add to your library with minimal stress.
7. Practice your math, trivia, or geography skills with activities, maps, games, and puzzles.
8. Chat, chat, chat.

Did you know there are games and toys and educational materials, in addition to fiction and non-fiction books designed for readers just born to middle readers (young adults)? And there are books are in over 100 languages (including British and American English, as I noticed with alternations of the title words holiday/vacation and journey/trip). Also, there are "dual" books, with a shorter version of a story at the top of the page, and a longer version at the bottom, so you can read it by skill level or attention span.

I ordered the Magnet Airport book, and Finger Rhymes, which includes an online link to hear the rhymes.On my near-future Wish List: That's Not My Dragon, Usborne Preschool Activities: Animal Fun, Under the Sea jigsaw puzzle book, and 100 things for little children to do on a trip.

You can browse what we saw, and place an order in this store through June 29th. Thanks Melissa, friends, and family!

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