A Day for Karoliinas

Today is my named day, for my middle name. I love my middle name: Karoliina. I'm named after my wonderful paternal grandmother Carolyn. And Karoliina means full, so my name all together means full of grace

You can find out your name day by typing in the Finnish, Swedish, Greek, or Catholic version of your name here

To celebrate my name day, I'm reading my Karoliina books.

This most adorable series is by Laura Vaipio, illustrated by Virpi Pekkala. Published in the mid-80s, my godparents sent them to me when I was four. I remember enjoying them very much. What stands out to me now is the level of independence expected from Karoliina. She usually gets scared, but then finds a way to adapt herself to the situation.
The publishing company suggests it for ages 2-6 years, and that seems about right. The text is lengthier than many other books for children under five. 
My favorite is Karoliina ja Uni-Leijona (Karoliina and Dream-Lion). The Dream-Lion is a friendly flying lion, who brings the Sandman around so he can help children to Dreamland.

Are you named Madeline, or Ella, or Eloise, or Max, or Arthur, or Frances? Or any other name starred in an adorable series?

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