First Birthday Party of the World's Cutest Baby

Or rather, the world's cutest toddler. 
Yesterday, she was walking down the sidewalk in our apartment yard. When she got too far, I called her back, several times. She turned around, waved bye-bye, and kept walking away. 
Our past and our future flashed through my mind as I ran after her. 
But you came to see her party.
Guests wrote birthday wishes on the back of  photos of her (about one from each month) on a banner, which i will dissemble to make a scrapbook. We watched a video of clips and pictures of her from birth to now. We listened to the Raffi Pandora station (best invention ever).

Babies could eat refried beans, cheese, gucamole and maybe tortilla. Grown-ups could eat everything. To drink: chocolate, strawberry, or plain milk; lemon water, out of assorted lidded paper cups with straws.

Kids made drums out of empty formula cans by removing the wrapper (Up & Up brand cans without the wrapper are silver!) and decorating them with paper, stickers, and markers. I left the scooper inside, because it makes a fun sound when you beat the drum, or it could be used as a mallet. Favors: maracas, bird warbler, and horns.
  The cake:
(Everything was make-your-own)
sliced strawberries, strawberry sauce [pureed strawberries with sugar and a little lemon juice], real whipped cream, Costco shortcakes (on Ikea cake stand)

She cleared her plate.

 Then, she played with her friends.
And rested a little with her 54" bear.
After the party, she went for a dip, the first swim of the summer!

I think she had a fun day.
And we ended the day with her goodnight song, like we have since she was born. Sometimes, she's still my little baby.

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