Good Earth Friday

Here is a song I sing to Baby A every day because it was one of my childhood favorites; it seems especially appropriate for today:

It already is Earth Day and Easter weekend, and I have not pulled together my picture book-related thoughts yet! I'll be sure to tell you all about what happens after it happens, though, and with gorgeous pictures!

To honor the Earth God has made for us, I've pledged to have an all-natural homemade cleaning products party with my friends, and to buy only organic produce the entire month of May.

And I'll tell you that the Easter traditions I'm starting include giving her a book, but I'm biting my nails (not really, that's gross) because I just can't decide which one!

If you want some ideas for Easter reads right now, check out the picks on The Childrens' Corner.
And The Curious Garden, like I told you before, is an awesome book for Earth Day.

In an ongoing effort to celebrate the present, I may post randomly throughout the weekend, so pop in, will you?

Please, tell me your favorite traditions and reads for the glory that is a global awareness and hope weekend!

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