Happy Easter Monday!


In Finland, everyone is still lounging around enjoying yesterday's delivery of eggs and candy. I'm not teaching Baby A about the Easter bunny, nor the Easter rooster, but if I had to choose, I've gotta say the rooster makes more sense. At least he'd be more likely to have a connection in the egg world.

In celebration of Easter, we visited family, feasted and feasted and feasted, decorated chicken eggs, visited horses, played with plastic eggs, and churched. In Sunday School, I learned all about the history of Passover, which is pretty interesting.

Most of my gospel teaching at home is through lullaby and perhaps example, prayer, and on the rare occasion I remember, a children's scripture book. I almost bought a story of Easter board book with a handle good for teething, similar to this:
but I didn't. I guess I'm just weird about religious picture books. The one I almost bought (which I now can't find) was accurate and focused on Jesus' love. But I guess I don't like cartoon depictions of Jesus. When I was a kid, the only movie depicting Jesus I was allowed to watch was the story of the Nativity, because my mom didn't want us to think of Jesus as a fictional character. Maybe that's why I'm geeked out by religious board books?
I did get Baby A a painting print of Jesus with a girl that looks like her, and a photo of  Logan LDS temple.

For her Easter basket book, though, I got her Eric Carle's  
The Tiny Seed
which came with seed packets and a tiny shovel! I'll tell you more about it after we've planted the seed.

And my mom got her Happy Easter, Mouse!
a cute story practicing colors and counting with Mouse of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

I'll let the barrage of pictures tell the rest.

Of course, there were other people and activities, but they didn't say I could declare their loveliness to Internet, and I had enough trouble keeping it to a dozen pictures.

What did you read/play/eat for Easter?

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  1. Holiday characters kinda creep me out. Russ and I decided when we have kids we aren't doing the easter bunny, tooth fairy or santa claus. (Wow that makes me sounds like a mean mommy! haha) I remember disliking my parents lying to me about it. I'm still going to celebrate and tell the stories, but I think I'll keep the characters on a completely fictional level.



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