Deer Visitor at Utah Children's Writers

Utah Children's Writers has continued their tradition of 30 Days, 30 Stories--a story or poem all through the month of April. And guess what? They gave me a spot! (Thursday the 21st) I'm so excited to have my story mingling with so many great stories. You'll want to read them all. I was nervous, but decided to post a little picture book manuscript. After attending a picture book workshop by Rick Walton, I've been working on Deer Visitor:

A deer came to my school today.
The big cafeteria window was open, and she hopped right inside.
She strutted down the lunch line, and all the cafeteria workers howled.
The deer just stared at them all while they wildly waved their ladles and spoons.

And please, leave honest opinions and new title suggestions in the comments!

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