Week 1 + Vintage Love

The goal of last week (Week 1 of the 3-Week Countdown) was to connect the past and the present by reading one of your childhood favorites to a child. 

Tell me what you read, and who you read with! 

I attempted to read The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, illustrated by Inga Moore, as a family a little bit at a time, starting this week. 

Baby A's interest is in the camera, not the book. Her attention span is about 16 words lately. No more long cuddles for me. I'm sure I'll have a comeback in a few months, though. But look how good she is at standing! She's a cruiser. And my calf is squished weird, don't judge.

So, speaking of connecting past and present, isn't it funny that we throw out more new stuff than really old stuff? I think vintage is so hot right now because in our generation of easy-to-make, easy-to-acquire, easy-to-replace stuff, we want a story. We want to remind ourselves that some things are hard to make, some things are hard to come by, and some things are worth keeping. And we want to feel connected to someone else--as if at any moment a secret will be whispered to us, or some leftover good luck will float around. Does a throw pillow here and a ceramic owl there achieve all that? Maybe, baby. Plus, look how pretty:

Stories Divinations on esty

glasspanic on etsy
ande monster on etsy

Do you agree? What do you love vintage, and why?

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