DIY Book Costume: Flower from The Tiny Seed

This girl has loved Eric Carle's The Tiny Seed for over a year. She can "read" it by quoting and paraphrasing the story. I wouldn't have thought this dramatic, vaguely-anthropomorphized life cycle/season story would hold the attention of a toddler--but it does. Over and over again. It reminds me that she (and other children) should continue to get broad exposure to literature. A picture book "above" or "below" their development level may scratch a curiosity itch we didn't even know they had. And generally, I think two-year-olds are underestimated--they are often absorbing more patterns and cues, social-emotionally, scientifically, and otherwise, than we realize.

If you're curious, here's how my mom and I threw together this Tiny Seed-inspired flower costume in half an hour for $10.  (When I say half an hour, I am minusing hours of deliberation and over-thinking, window shopping, and a failed paper-mache project.)

We free-handed some leaves out of printer paper and wrapped them in duct tape. We ran a "stem" down a black shirt and pants.

We cut eight petals from foam paper. (After I cut the first one, I moved it around the ring to make sure it would fit an even amount of petals. Luckily, I picked just the right width for the bottom of the petal.) We popped out the inner ring of a 9-inch cross-stich hoop and hot-glued the petals onto it.

We hot-glued a plastic headband on an angle (30 degrees?), so that the petal ring would go around her face when the headband was on her head. 

This is the only time she's kept a headband on for more than five minutes. She hates headbands, but LOVES being a flower. 

Did you celebrate Halloween in a book-inspired costume? I'd love to see pictures!

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