Summer Reading Program

Do you read more when school is out? 

Maybe it's the long pool days or the slow pace I feel summer demands, but I have always read less in the summer. A shame, I know! But I "signed up" my daughter for our library's reading program, and we have been reading together every day. Probably, we would've read together every day anyway, but I get a silly satisfaction out of checking off another day. 

Our library's program requires reading for whatever amount of time you set for yourself, six days each week, and attending eight library activities (craft time, story time, or special events). At the end, finishers get a free book and a pool party! I'll admit: we'll never make eight activities in time. Luckily, A is too young to be disappointed.

Are you doing, or have you done, a summer reading program? Or, have you just made a standing date with your hammock and a stack of books?

I'm not convinced summer needs a lot of structure. But these program ideas look FUN:

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  1. I am actually co-leading a summer program at the Nokomis Library this summer. Our theme is Camp Nokomis and we target K-3. I often give free books to my camp attendees. In addition to my two hour camp each day, the library also offers a free book when you do their reading program. The name for that program this year is Bookawocky. I am also doing reading groups at the summer school down the street. I'll have to check out the program links you posted.


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