Living in a Picture Book

My mom was telling me about a book she read as a child, in which she pictured herself living. She can't remember the name of the book, but she remembers feeling right at home in that fantasy.
Have you ever imagined yourself living in a picture book? 

1. Angelina Ballerina (toy house) [illustrated by Helen Craig, written by Katharine Holabird]
2. Cat in the Hat crashes that house [by Dr. Seuss]
3. Peter Rabbit's tree burrow [based on original by Beatrix Potter]
4. Fancy Nancy house [illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser, written by Robin Preiss Glasser]
5. Curious George's urban balcony (picture from the TV show) [PBS show based on books by H.A. and Margaret Rey]

I'm partial to Curious George's lifestyle--an apartment in the city and a monthly weekend stay in the country.

Do you live in any spaces inspired by book illustrators or authors? I'd love to take a peek!

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