St. Patrick's Day Party: Atypical Books and Activities

My friends and I are planning a St. Patrick's Day party for our 1-2-year-olds this weekend. My elementary school self loved doing the leprechaun treasure hunts leading to a pot of gold coin chocolates every year, and I was sure that one day I would find the end of a rainbow. I haven't yet. But for the next generation's younger crowd, I'm thinking balloons in rainbow colors and Baby A's favorite treasure: fruit snacks.

This musical board book would be a fun way to kick off a rainbow-treasure-friendship party. The Forgetful Little Leprechaun gets help from friends to find his pot of gold, which (spoiler alert!) he left at the end of the rainbow, of course. His friendships are his true treasure in the end. (I am geeking myself out.) The text is fun and the music is actually nice; it plays the tune "Irish Eyes Are Smiling".

Or, if you want something outside of the pot-of-gold, play up the (probably untrue) but fun legend of St. Patrick banishing snakes from Ireland.

I haven't read The Last Snake In Ireland, but it looks intriguing. For a party theme, you could hide a tiny rubber snake in one of many cupcakes decorated green like the hills of Ireland, and whoever gets it is "it" in a game of Sardines, or first up in an obstacle course. Goodie bags or treats could include sour gummy worms masquerading as snakes, homemade bread sticks shaped like snakes, or celery cut and shaped to look like a squiggling snake.

For a fun and easy game in the traditional rainbow route: Crafting Chicks Find the Colors of the Rainbow Treasure Hunt {free printables}

Got any Irish-luck plans up your sleeves? Do you know of any fun books about Ireland or St. Patty? Or snakes?

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  1. I really want to buy all the books you post, especially all the holiday ones!


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