Journey to Literacy

Baby A reading in a half-packed suitcase

Do you remember when you learned to read and write? We may not realize it, but we begin our journey in literacy from birth (maybe before)! We take a thousand steps: recognizing sounds, appropriating labels, sitting still, mastering finger movement, connecting words, pictures, and ideas, understanding concrete and abstract concepts, using symbolic expression; all these (and other) steps lead us to make sense of and communicate ideas and feelings through literacy.

One of the library storytimes we attend points out a pre-literacy skill that parents can practice with their kids. Often, the suggestions are activities that are already part of our routine, but it is fun to get a reminder or at least a pat on the back, if not a great new idea or resource. 

I've decided to a series on pre-literacy activities and practices, with picture book suggestions to reinforce them.

A big credit goes to this Six Early Literacy Skills article by Multnomah County Library. For six weeks, we'll discuss one skill and fun ways to foster its development, each week. Are you interested?

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  1. Interested!! I love the ideas and insights -and wish I had had them when my kids were small. Thanks goodness for a "second wind" with grandchildren! :)


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