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I hope your December has been as lovely as mine.

Go get a chocolate orange and read this Why Books? article adapted from a speech by the witty and gifted Mo Willems. I came across it at Modern Home Modern Baby, and while I agree with Kate that books are the perfect Christmas gift, I'd add that buying a book (a paper book!) needs no excuse. All year! Anytime! For the kiddos! For charity! For you!

In fact, get one you can read every day right before you get your gummy vitamin, like Richard Scarry's A Story A Day: 365 Stories and Rhymes.

I have Kun ilta ehtii... Satu Vuoden Jokaiseski Illaksi (When Evening Comes... A Story for Every Evening). My Mummi (grandmother) sent it to me for my first birthday in 1986. That edition had only been out one year. I want to read it every day with Baby A in 2012. I'm sure I'll throw in a lecture to counter-act the racism and sexism, but that won't ruin the richness of the teeny tiny stories and poems from around the world full of optimism, laughter, and culture.

Why do you think there aren't more recently published one-a-day books? (Or are there?) Is it because there are so many books available, people read every day already? Or because it's not as profitable to print such large volumes for children, than to print 12 different 14-page books instead?

Take a look at more beautiful old 365 books. And enjoy the last 5 of 2011's 365!

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