Fall Leaves

That was Monday. We had quite the summery start to fall. But by Wednesday, it turned from sunny and a high of 78 to rainy and a high of 60--with a chance of snow later this week. I'm happy for fall, but soon I'm going to get tuckered out and want to curl up in the leaves for hibernation like this sweet bear:

Baby A reading Leaves with her Mummi, who gave her the book

His naive concern for the leaves falling off the trees is endearing, and the illustrations are a lovely combination of crisp colors, soft lines, and whimsical shapes.

Baby A is mildly interested in the leaves here and there in our apartment complex yard. But we'll have to go on an adventure up the canyon to get proper piles of them. Maybe even when all the leaves have fallen onto the frosty grass, I'll be having too much fun to hibernate. But I'll still greet the spring as cheerfully as the bear. Curl up somewhere cozy to read David Ezra Stein's Leaves. Then go find all the crunchy leaves.

What's your yard like? Any favorite fall reads?

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