ABC Gifts

There are so many alphabet-related books and resources. I just gathered up a few special ideas for gifts, or just for fun:

P is for Paintbrush mural:
This is a one-of-a-kind, handpainted watercolor, in an 8x10 frame. Can you find all the a words? I'll give you a clue: there are eight, not counting Alexandra nor and. The artist of P is for Paintbrush is Baby A's Auntie Jenna, and if you'd like to order one, email me, and I'll send you her contact information.

Baby shower activity:

 I recently attended a baby shower for my cousin, and each guest colored and wrote at least one letter for her baby's first alphabet book. How neat! He'll get clever messages from people who love him. This was a scrapbook kit plus markers--easy peasy! And it's fun for people whether or not they like cheesy baby shower games.

Alphabet book that's not just for tinies:
Alison Jay's A Child's First ABC Alphabet follows an adventurer through vibrant and full illustrations with a vintage flair (soft crackle paint look). But the grown-up readers can have just as much fun searching for patterns--a clue about the next page is in every picture. This book was suggested by a friend of mine who bought it at BYU Museum of Art, and when you see it, that seems fitting.

Fun words and animals alphabet book:
 I saw this suggestion at Design Mom, and I trust her taste. I haven't found it yet, but I will! Here's her review of it.

If you're bored of the standard alphabet song, here's a quirky one from none other than our Canadian friends, the Barenaked Ladies', kids' album:

Who would you give these to? (In my head, I'm saying, Actually, I think it is: To whom would you give these? because, yes, I'm crazy.)

W is for Wishing you a Wonderful Weekend!

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