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Isn't it nice to win? Get ready for a segue...

Do you know who won the Caldecott this year?

How about the Newbery?

I don't think I could be on the committee for these awards-- I knew someone who knew someone who was on the Newbery Award committee; apparently it takes weeks of review and voting to pick a winner and the honorable mentions-- not without controversy and perhaps even some politics. The authors/illustrators/books are nominated to be considered. I say I couldn't be on it because I'd never be able to vote between such amazing books! The Newbery is apparently the oldest children's book award; it's been given to the "most distinguished American children's book" published in the previous year since 1922.

What do you think about awards for books? Do you want to read those books now, because they're winners? (I do.) 
Is it a good way to increase exposure for quality books? 
And do you think it's like the baby sibling of a Nobel Peace Prize for Literature-- to pat an influential and dedicated author on the back?

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  1. For me, being an award winner doesn't mean I will like it. Especially the Newberry - I think that difficult topics that are well- or interestingly-addressed tend to win, and I don't do well with difficult topics. Meaning, I have a tender heart and don't do well with suspense or sorrowful themes in literature. Bridge to Terabethia was practically traumatizing. The Giver - I had no appreciation for that book until I was in my 30's and by then, I found it an interesting tretise, but not enjoyable literature.

    Caldecotts are different. They usually mean new levels of innovation in illustration and presentation, and how much safer can you get than picture books!? lol Well, ok, there's It's a Book, by Lane Smith. That author is definitely pushing boundaries by naming a character Jackass so he can bandy it about in a cursing-style. Hilarious, and even well illustrated, but not for kids! ;)


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