Online Course for Picture Book Writing

Rick Walton, Baby A, me!
I attended a picture book writing workshop by Rick Walton, and also met him in person at the Provo Library's Children's Book Festival a couple of months ago. He is a prolific, tremendously talented, and funny, writer and teacher. And he's teaching online courses for picture book writing starting Monday, August 8th! There are three classes available, at varying levels of experience (the price correlating with how many manuscript evaluations he'll do). 
A snippet from the email announcement: 
Each course will go for 12 weeks, and will cover in depth what makes a good picture book, how to come up with ideas, how to write your picture book, how to revise it, how to market it, and lots and lots of other instruction that will help you become a much better picture book writer.
If you're interested (do it!), I can get you the details (anna.culp AT gmail DOT com), or you can email Rick (rick AT rickwalton DOT com). 
Should we take a class together??

P.S. Don't forget the giveaway!

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  1. If I had interest in writing children's books, I would TOTALLY look into this! For now, I'm content with enjoying all the wonderful books out there. What a great opportunity.


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