Ducks In A Row

One of these days, I will show you the glory that is the before and after shots of Baby A's nursery. (That's assuming that one of these days I finish her curtains and fill all the picture frames.)
But I finally organized her toys! They're on shelves by category--I love categories! There are more toys on shelves in her closet, so every week I rotate them to keep her interest fresh.


Everything was stuffed under the crib or spread around the floor.

storage ottoman, Itso box bins, and Itso fabric bin: Target / wicker basket: Joann Fabrics.
Ta da! Storage shelves that I can stack however I want! (See the giant dragon ball pit under her crib? I thought the dragon would like to feel like she/he was in a nice cave.)
top shelf: rocking horse (vintage , her godmother's own) / lamp: Target / 20 week sonogram picture
Aren't her tiny stuffed animals cute? The storage ottoman holds travel gear: front carrier, sling, stroller zip blanket.

shelves top to bottom: miscellaneous (Ikea shape-sorting house, plush insects, Manhattan toy);  music (piano, rattles, rainmaker, puff container turned maraca); balls/bat

left bin: shark from my honeymoon visit to the Denver aquarium, Vikings bear, Shining Star Frog (her babysitter gave it to her--it comes with the opportunity to name a star!), my Anna doll, puppy / right bin: my special bunny Annanymous, bear, Alf, the owl my mom made Alexandra / on top: favorite puppy, bin of blankets

Soon, I'll have to start rotating the books on her bookshelf, too. I buy books for her, but we all know I enjoy them just as much as she does.

What are your favorite toys at any given age? And how do you corral them?


  1. I like soft, big stuffed animal dogs.
    So does Alex.

  2. Also, Ninja Turtles and Transformers.


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