One of my goals for my 25th year has been to be more present. I improve, and then get set back when things get stressful. On Saturday, I made a conscious effort to get down on the floor and play with my baby, (who is so curious and pleasant, that it is all too easy to let the day slip by, just running commentary on her play.) 

I think in order to mature critical reading, writing, and other communication skills, a person needs to be expressive in a variety of ways, constantly introduced to both the familiar and the challenging.

I decided to see if crayons were still only a choking hazard to Baby A. And guess what? 
They are now also tools of artistry to her!

(Psssst...That middle picture gave a sneak peek to the photo banner I'm making for her first birthday party!)


  1. awww! She's not only a cutie, but an artist!

    :) sally

  2. Awe these might be my favorite photos of her! I love the middle picture and the one just above and to the left. She's such a cutie!



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