the back-to-school syndrome

My life has revolved around the school year for twenty years. I thought once I graduated with my B.A. in English I'd live by the seasons of weather, but then I began working for UVU, and continue to pace myself one semester at a time. Every year when August rushes into September, I get the urge to:
1. Buy new clothes. Without a budget. As soon as my husband's student loan goes through.
 Sperry Topsider

2. Read a novel. In the summer, I prefer shorter digestions, but autumn's long shadows and the confusion of closure and beginnings beg for a long, beautiful story. I am currently reading:

3. Organize my office, a.k.a. the desk and storage boxes in my bedroom.Thanks to my mama (and IKEA) for helping me tackle that beast.

4. Set semi-annual goals. Why now? My birthday is in May, and that is the time of year when everything wakes up all the way after winter, and I think, what would I like to do with this year of my life? And now, in September, I re-assess. My goals for my 25th year:
  1. Have a baby. I worked on this for a year, and she's perfect! I can't really take credit, though. I'm just enjoying this blessing.

           2.   Be present more often. I am actually getting better at this!

           3.   Graduate. Done!

        4.   Get published. Check out my publications on the side of the blog!
        5. Learn Swedish. Haven't started that one yet.
        6. Take an ASL class. I did, and I loved it, and I'll do it again!
        7. Start a blog. If you thought this post would never end, rest assured it was all leading to this:
I promise to blog at least once every week. I am thinking of continuing book reviews every Saturday, and finding something else terribly interesting to share/say every week or two. So, what do you think? As a survivor of the English major, no amount of (constructive) criticism or discussion baffles me.

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  1. Like the new blog look! I love all your picks. I need to find a good book to curl up with. I just finished a book that took me a year to read, so I need something fun and frivolous!


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