Luana Rinaldo illustrates fun and colorful animals, insects, and nature scenes for books, magazines, baby clothes, etc. There are a series of 12 "Clackety-Clacks"; books with thick board pages that clack together musically when shaken by the handle at the binding. Genius! It's a small, lightweight, book/toy! This will be a diaper bag staple for me. I have the ladybird (ladybug in American) one, but I have it in Finnish! (Klik-klak Leppakerttu, translated by Laura Friman, 2006.) My daughter and I are Finnish Americans, so we practice Finnish with children's books. It is especially fun with this book, because it describes animal sounds. In Finnish, a birds chirp "Tsirp, tsirp!" and frogs croak "Kur! Kur!" Even the book title is "Klik-Klak" in Finnish, and "Clackety-Clack" in English...it's funny how onomatopoeias vary; it makes the linguistic anthropology-lover in me itch to know why.

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