UVU Forum on Children's Literature

I recently attended the Utah Valley University Forum on Children's Literature. Much to my edification and delight, Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann taught a picture book workshop. My mother, Katriina Kitchens, aspiring adventure book writer, attended with me. When Eric Rohman signed his book Clara and Asha, my mother asked him to dedicate it to Anna Karoliina (me) and mentioned how her first grandbaby is on the way, but as she is not officially named, the book could not be dedicated to her. He suggested I name her Clara, but when I told him her last name would be Culp, he said, "Clara Culp--no, that doesn't work. She needs a name like Alexandra." Incidentally, that is the only girl's name both my husband and I like, and an unexpected suggestion from a brilliant author/illustrator to add to her naming story seals the name choice for me!

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