Children's Magazines: Outside the USA

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Speaking of magazines, have you heard of BIG Kids Magazine?
They're in Australia, so I can't afford the shipping, but I follow their blog. Little kids and grown-up kids work together to tell stories with art and words. BIG stands for Bravery/Imagination/Generosity. It's such an inspiring place to visit on an internet journey. Don't you love it when a little piece of imagination is published? And when the art of the youngest is validated and empowered alongside the art of those with more years of experience?

BIG's current project is to gather submissions for interpretations on map-making. I'm spinning around my idea of treasure and maps, and even if I don't make the submission deadline, I'd like to create something with Baby A. BIG gives lots of IDEAS

Oh, and while I'm mentioning magazines outside the U.S., here's a post by Design Mom about an adorable French children's online magazine, and here's a post by Apartment Therapy about (also French) MilK magazine. Do you know of any great children's magazines outside the U.S.?

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