How to Dress a Toddler for Snow-Play

What is that saying? There is no bad weather, only bad clothes? 
The bundling-up of  toddler cheeks and fingers and toes was daunting, but nobody swore and nobody cried: success! Just in case you don't have a grandmother to knit perfect multi-colored mittens and socks of wool, or an aunt who sends you your adorable cousin's outgrown snow clothes, I pecked around the web for some good snow-play outfit alternatives for next year. (Or for this year on clearance!) But first, a photo guide to dressing in the most efficient order:

1. Start with a double-layered base. This should include a long-sleeve tee plus a light sweater, and leggings under pants (or fleece-lined jeans), and socks, of course. Gather all your gear. Only work with recently fed and napped toddlers for optimum efficiency.

2. Slip on cotton mittens. If you have a mitten-hating toddler, you can save this for last, but be warned that your toddler will be extra wiggly by then. This time, I got an uncharacteristic thumbs-up, and the mittens stayed put for a solid hour, by what I can only assume was Christmas magic.

3. Wrestle on wool mittens and socks. The double layer is warmer; the cotton prevents wooly itch. Ski-style gloves/mittens are a good choice, too. But every kid deserves wool socks, and the socks should be long enough for tucking pants into, obviously. The brighter the colors, the less likely they are to be lost in the snow.

4. Slip hands and feet through the arm and leg holes and zip halfway up. I don't have a picture, but I trust your imagination. 
5. Boot up! And remember, speed is your friend. You may be losing compliance at this point.

6. Sing your toddler's favorite song (e-i-e-i-ooo) while pulling this underhat on. Faster! (Now, look at those eyes!)

7. Regular hat! Hood! Zip! Yes, we're all done. Let's go outside!
Oh, and you should've done this all dressed yourself, (except gloves,) because further delays will not be tolerated by even the most patient of toddlers.

Baby A is wearing:
tee/cords/socks [Baby Gap]
leggings [H&M]
mittens [hand-me-down, unknown]
green jacket [hand-me-down, Circo]
wool socks and mittens [my Mummi]
boots [Jack and Lily (at Costco!)]
underhat [hand-me-down, unknown]
teal hat [Janie and Jack]
snowsuit [hand-me-down, Tutta]

Mind you, she has a lot of clothing, and sometimes I even coordinate it. But on a sunny snow day, you've gotta beat the melt and go with what you find first in the drawer. 

If you're stocking up, these are also adorable:
faux-fur mittens
hand-knit baby socks and socks and socks
boots with plaid that boys and girls can both wear
balaclavas because I can't find a thin, cotton underhat that keeps the chin, cheeks and neck covered
snowsuit: sleek; reversible Vikings; with elasticized cuffs to keep it from riding up the boot--has anyone seen one like this in the U.S.?

And here's a nod to Ezra Jack Keat's adorable snowsuit:

What do you wear in the snow?

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