Halloween Prep

We're gearing up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas--all in the next 94 days--which means I've been pinning ideas at an accelerated rate. Are you? I'd like to see your collections.

First up: Halloween. 
Last year, we purchased an inexpensive dinosaur costume for Baby A and went to the zoo with friends.
Those socks have little dinosaur claws (and they're actually from her homecoming outfit).
This year, I've been leaning toward making costumes. Tapping into my domestic creativity and successfully constructing a costume worth photographing will take the next five weeks, so I've mostly decided to make something like this for Baby A:
sew homegrown

Why, yes! That is Gossie, the small yellow gosling who likes to wear bright red boots! I could quote you the entire Gossie book, as it is Baby A's current favorite. You can read it, or any other Olivier Dunrea book, but you might get as hooked as we are on them.

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