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I don't  "formally" educate Baby A yet. Mi esposo is in school all year long, and I have just started to recover from English major burn-out and have started reading for pleasure--books for grown-ups!
But all around my bloggy universe for the past month, it's been back-to-school talk. This, naturally, prompted me to go on a back-to-school clothes shopping spree. And it also got me wondering, are there any must-read picture books for back-to-school? 
I came across a few OK back-to-school-jitters books, but nothing really stood out. I do have some nostalgically favorite schoolchildren:

Surprisingly, I haven't come across any picture books about homeschooling, online school, nor particularly urban/rural school setting portrayals. There are a lot about U.S. suburban public schools (like Arthur), and Madeline attends a small private Catholic girls' school in Paris. 
Do you have book suggestions? 
How is your family educated?

Nothing will ever be as cool as a magical school bus, but I'd love to discuss the options.

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  1. Being on-and-off homeschoolers, back to school is different for us. Some years, it's about getting into school. Other years, it's about breathing a sigh after an intense play-all-day-and-night summer, while the *other* kids go back to school.

    Mostly, it's about buying new school supplies. One can never have enough lined paper, Dixon-Ticonderoga #1 pencils, index cards, folders, crayons, glue and blue Bic pens!


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