Family Picture Day

So, rookie mom mistake: scheduling a family photo shoot for three hours before throwing a big party. The stress made me and my hair a little grouchy. (I'm going with blaming stress, not my personality, or my hair.) And Baby A, usually full of social charisma, may have picked up on  this grouchy vibe of mine, and so she was like, "Whatever, mom, it's my birthday, and I'm going to seriously study the grass for 90% of the photo shoot, even if the lovely, pregnant photographer makes banshee noises and stands on her head." Mostly true. Still, she was (predictably) adorable. And for that 10% that she looked up from the grass, Anna was the magical fairy-godmother-princess-ninja of photography, and LOOK HOW CUTE!

You'll see Baby A is reading a couple of her favorites, first, That's not my teddy... (Usborne) with the 54" teddy (Costco) that is hers, and then Pienen Oma Sanakirja (Kirjalito, My Little Dictionary).

She paused from reading to clap sometimes. That's how good the books are, I guess.

Thanks, Anna

P.S. We don't really have the same name. My name is pronounced kinda like the ona of onomatopoeia.

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