Well, what do you know? It's Friday again. Even though Fridays hold no significance to a mom like me who works from home, I still get the same TGIF butterflies in my stomach about it. It's like my waking up on a Friday thoughts have evolved from:
"It's the last day this week I have to get up early for school, and tonight I get to eat pizza and watch Boy Meets World (and Full House and Step By Step and Saved by the Bell)!" 
"Yes! Tonight, I can make out until three a.m. and sleep in tomorrow!"
"It's Friday, right? Because yesterday was vacuuming day, so yeah, Friday today. Tonight we can hit up a not-too-fancy/family-friendly/but-not-fast-food restaurant!" 

Is anyone still with me? Forgive the crazy. It's snowing. And I hate snow. I loathe snow, actually, when it comes in the springtime. So, I'm practicing escapism in my springtime picture books. And Baby A is practicing page-turning and pointing with her "baby dictionaries":
Pienen oma sanakirja Kirjalito (2009) (originally Mon Premier Dictionnaire, translated into Finnish by Mari Koski)      
My Little Word Book Roger Priddy priddy books for St. Martin's Press (2004)

P.S. The Scarlet Pimpernel is so witty. 
post-colonial turn-of-the-twentieth-century satirical historical fiction about the French Revolution = horrifyingly hilarious

P.P.S. Happy seventeenth birthday, little bro!


  1. hi anna! your comment cracked me up and so does this post...i SO remember TGIF on tv with boy meets world and sabrina the teenage witch. best night of the week! and, of course, it still is. lol

  2. Hey! We can still make out till 3am... Well, maybe 12am. Ok, 10pm.
    Also, I miss Saturday morning cartoons. No good cartoons anymore like Ninja Turtles, Tail Spin, Darkwing Duck, XMen, Duck Tales...

  3. Also, your little brother is several times your size now. It would be like that picture, except the opposite.


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