A Book of Cloth

I have mentioned before that Baby A's favorite book is a soft book about a little monster finding her friend, with crunchy leaves under the sea, a bee hiding behind a flower...who wouldn't love this?

And the sweetest soft book I've ever seen is the one my mom made, featuring the cutest baby ever and her curious/confused expressions:

When I was a baby (I like to compare things to when I was a baby, especially when I watch a one-year-old I know independently view photos on a touch-screen phone)
I had a soft book, too:

Above is Baby A reading the now vintage book Hauva my mom saved just in case a grandchild would like to see a puppy's favorite activities in bright colors on soft cloth pages one Tuesday afternoon of the future.

I haven't found any soft books older than this, and the text on the back cover (below) makes me think they were a cool new trend of the 1980s that continues today. Maybe people were making their own before publishing companies caught on?

What soft books do you read?

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  1. October should be much higher on your list, since that is my birthday and also Halloween. Also, Fall is the best month, followed by Summer, Spring and then Winter.


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