Who doesn't love kittens? Even cat-haters will admit a kitten is cute. (Does anyone else think of The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper singing Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur..." when they see a kitten? Just me?)
Well, Auntie Jenna recently picked out The Little Kitten (author Judy Dunn, photographer Phoebe Dunn) for Baby A, and then realized why she was drawn to the sweet photo story of a mischievous kitten...she had the book when she was a kid. Childhoods, like kittens, are soft, warm, tiny, and mischievous. Reading about a girl and her kitten brings back that sentimental glow of a good day as a kid . Double that dose when you're reading something like that you actually remember enjoying as a child! What were your early favorite books?

P.S. Baby A actually giggled when she saw the first page.


  1. Have you heard of a book called, "How To Get Your Child to Love Reading" by Esme Raji Codell? It's a huge book and has lots of book suggestions for every age. It's a really neat read.

  2. I tend to read on my phone (kindle app). I think it's important that your kid sees you reading so they think it's cool/good and such, but what do you do when most of your reading is electronic?


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