Mathematic Picture Books

Have you heard of Wumbers? Amy Krouse Rosenthal wrote, and Tom Lichtenheld illustrated, a punny book that will stretch your brain!

I've always liked number patterns and words, but when I thought I wasn't "good" at math in 5th grade, I threw myself into the world of words. Now, I don't think in terms of Numbers vs. Words, and I love to see adults and children nurture a love of both.

Here's a list of counting and other math books! And another extensive list of math-related picture books organized by subject!
And here's a list with descriptions of how to use picture books to teach math!

Happy weekend!


  1. Ooooh, maaath... Yum! I say that children's books are most always the best place to start when developing a taste for a subject, be it history, science, math - anything. Eat 'em up!


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